Circular Transitions in Het Groene Hart


Province of South Holland


Leiden University



Feb 2019 – Present

The Project

Entrepreneurs in Het Groene Hart encounter all kinds of barriers standing in the way of realizing their circular ambitions. These barriers involve reorganizing the chain of supply – production – distribution, making the transition towards a circular business model, collaborating with different parties, dealing with different materials, and finding ways to fit in, overcome or bypass regulative constraints. The Province of South Holland set up a three-way project around the barriers and opportunities with regard to natural capital, waste streams and business models. The Erasmus Governance Design Studio is appointed to focus on waste streams.

EGDS activities

In this project, the Erasmus Governance Design Studio adopts three cases of entrepreneurs with circular ambitions in ‘Het Groene Hart’. These three cases will be used to design solutions to issues that these entrepreneurs encounter while simultaneously generate insights and solutions that are more widely applicable for entrepreneurs in a similar situation. As of yet, the Erasmus Governance Design Studio has conducted a literature study, interviews with involved actors and site visits in order to gain a holistic view on the issue.