Design Lab Buitenruimte

Over the years, the municipality of Rotterdam has spent a lot of energy facilitating various citizen initiatives. This proved difficult, because citizens on the one hand emphatically want to cooperate with the municipality, but on the other hand set up all kinds of initiatives that to do fit within the operating structure of the municipality. In turn, public servants experience uncertainty and unclarity when determining how to deal with those initiatives. At the same time, they recognize and the value of citizen initiatives in the physical domain that strengthen the social cohesion of a neighborhood and appreciate their integral approach. Therefore, the municipality of Rotterdam is looking for ways to simulate self-organization in the physical domain that benefits the social cohesion.

GDS activities

The GDS supports the municipalities by identifying  potential tools and prototypes that can stimulate this type of self-organization. We will research current initiatives to determine the working principles behind them and set up a design process to design tools that simulate self-organization.