Management for Better Politics (MBP)-project

The Management for Better Politics (MBP) project centers on the relation between management tools and decision-making by politicians. The project groups researchers from Flanders (Ghent University), the Netherlands (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Denmark (Aarhus University) – including economists, political scientists and public management scholars. At the heart of the project is the belief that management tools can contribute to decision-making by politicians but this contribution is contingent upon the design characteristics of these tools. A series of survey experiments are conducted where specific design characteristics of management tools (e.g. strategic goals, performance indicators) are manipulated in order to identify which design has the biggest impact. The objective of this project is thus to “tweak” specific management tools in such a way that these best inform politicians in their decision-making processes.

GDS activities

The project team supports public organizations in their design of specific management tools (e.g. strategic plans, performance dashboards). By experimenting with different designs, we can help identify the optimal design of a specific tool in order to enhance its effectiveness.